Our holistic approach to education ensures that your child excels academically and is prepared to meet the challenges of life outside the classroom.

Language Skills:
These are the four major language skills your child will master:
Learn how to listen and understand what is being said
Learn to pronounce, articulate and deliver effectively
Learn new words and build vocabulary
Learn to develop, structure and present thoughts in a creative manner 

Life Skills:

Your child will also be exposed to various life skills through carefully-planned lessons and activities, including but not limited to:
Learn to identify, understand and manage emotions to communicate effectively and empathise with others

Learn to cultivate a strong positive attitude and drive to get things done

Learn to believe in oneself and have faith in inherent abilities and talents

Learn to respect, share, communicate and work well together with others

Our classes are designed to help your child develop their skills in all areas of English. The four major language skills are taught alongside micro-skills such as Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation to ensure they receive a well-rounded lesson in each and every class. On top of that, we encourage your child to proactively express their thoughts and sharpen their creative skills through our Creative Writing lessons.

English Enrichment
English Enrichment

Our programme is designed to enhance your child’s creative and critical thinking skills. We utilise immersive communicative activities such as role-playing and storytelling to help them develop a sense of creativity and express themselves articulately.

Speech and Drama
Speech and Drama

Our practice-based approach will provide your child with the perfect platform and guidance to develop their speech fluency and delivery skills – enabling them to engage audiences and present, with confidence, while avoiding common delivery blunders.

Public Speaking
Public Speaking

This unique dual programme will enable your child to learn through storytelling, participation and performance in Speech & Drama. It will also challenge them to put their newly acquired knowledge to the test in the English classroom where they will further understand and write about it.

Combo (English + Speech & Drama)
Combo (English + Speech & Drama)
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