Our People
Stewart Burgess

Stewart Burgess holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Acting as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, specialising in drama – the one subject that drives and inspires him.
Originally from Blackpool, England, Stewart has taught in many countries around Europe including England, Italy and Spain. In 2011, he brought his passion for the arts and his wealth of teaching experience to Malaysia. Since then, Stewart has become a father and his perspective as well as approach to teaching now focuses on developing and nurturing children to appreciate the subtle arts of drama and unleashing their creative potential.
Graeme Kearney

Graeme Kearney has qualifications in Teaching English as a Second Language as well as psychology.
He hails from the far reaches of the Republic of Ireland and has been teaching English in Kuala Lumpur for the last six years. As a father of two young children, he draws on his parenting experience to enhance his teaching methods in a way that allows him to get to know his students on a personal basis in order to inspire and motivate them. His lessons are conducted in an interactive way allowing students to express themselves critically in a conducive learning environment.

Lindie Dannhauser

Lindie has been teaching English in Malaysia for 7 years. She is an enthusiatic and dedicated teacher who has worked with children of all ages. She encourages students to actively  participate in lessons and believe that it will facilitate and enhance their learning experience.
Brian Le

Brian Le earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics in Canada as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, specialising in Primary Education in Australia.

Originally from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, Brian has taught in many countries around the world since 2007, including Canada, England and Australia. In 2013, he brought his teaching experience to Malaysia. Brian’s energetic personality and caring approach, coupledwith his teaching strategies, endeared him to his students. Brian goes to great lengths to make lessonsinteractive for his students. He works hard on using stimulating resources for different levels of ability. From Brian’s positive teaching style his students have benefitedgreatly from being in his class. He displays a genuine interest in the learning journey of his students.
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