• Comprehensive programmes designed to maximise the learning capabilities of your child.
  • Fun and enjoyable lessons through the use of art, music, games, award-winning books and the Internet.
  • Dedicated and versatile, our native English speaking teachers are experienced in working with students of various ages and different learning needs.
  • A fluid learning environment that extends beyond the classroom – achieved through constant parent-teacher interaction.

At D’ English, our goal is to help your child master the dynamics of the English language painlessly and effectively. We also place great emphasis on helping your child achieve individual organic growth, i.e. allowing your child to develop naturally on a personal level.

As such, we play to your child’s passions to bring out the best in them. By discovering and focusing on their talents and interests, we are able to reinforce your child’s strengths while helping them improve on their weaknesses in a conducive learning environment.

How do we do this? We start by measuring your child’s current level of proficiency, and then use our findings to help them grow organically by making lessons stress-free, relevant and fun.


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